Wanna Buy or sell Ebay Gift Card for cash or bitcoins instantly? Here is the best site to do it.

PAX Tradings is the most reliable gift cards merchant in the world. We are a fully registered organization under OMEGA VERIFIED CORP LTD with Company Number 24157542.

Selling Ebay gift card in Nigeria, Ghana, India, China and other countries might be confusing because most th ofe platforms claiming gift card buyers online are either scammers or buy Ebay card at low rates.

Well, you are on the right page today. This is the best platform to trade your Ebay card for Naira, cedis, bitcoins and RMB.

On here, you can sell any kind of Ebay card and get paid in naira, cedis, rmb, inr or bitcoins. Also, you will get the best Ebay rates when you trade here, are you ready?

Sell <strong>Ebay</strong> Physical Card

We buy Ebay physical cards purchased from stores. You are to snap the picture of the card and upload to us. With or without face value written on it.

Sell <strong>Ebay</strong> E-code

We also buy Ebay without a picture. That is iTunes purchased online. All you have to do is send us the correct code sent at purchase. The rate is lower compared to physical card.

Sell <strong>Ebay</strong> With/Without Receipt

We buy Ebay gift card of any receipt: Cash, debit, credit, visa e.t.c We also buy without receipt. If you have receipt with your card, the rate is higher.

Sell Different Countries

We buy any country Ebay cards including USA, Canada, Euro, UK Pounds, Australia, New Zealand, Polish, Krone e.t.c However, we do not buy Mexican iTunes gift cards.

Trust is necessary. At Omegaverified, we make a lot of money trading gift cards honestly, we have no need to rip you to make profit.

We know the best way to keep you coming back to us, and that is by staying honest with you. We have reviews from previous customers that say well about us. You can check them out.

Moreso, we have been recommended on: Minds, DSpaceCloud, RealyTimes, RealCryptocurrencyHub, SuccessBusiness, and lots more.

How Do I Trade?

Contact us on Whatsapp. CLICK HERE to get started. We prefer Whatsapp as it is the fastest means. We are available 24/7 as our reps take turns to stay online.

You get paid within 6 minutes.

Can I Sell <strong>Ebay</strong> Without Receipt?

NO, there’s no need. We buy with or without receipt, same price.

How Much Can I Sell $100 <strong>Ebay</strong> Gift Card In Nigeria / Ghana / China?

Rate isn’t constant, so price varies. Most times, $100 iTunes card will pay you around $70-$85 BTC, 26,000Naira-35,000Naira, 330Cedis-390Cedis, 470RMB-600RMB.


Stop sending your cards to rippers and middlemen who give you low rates why not connect with us directly? In this case, you need not to worry about getting scammed or not making enough profits with cards.

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