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Here’s a guide to crypto gift cards to use these computer coins in real-world shopping, much like a fiat currency.

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By all odds, governments will try to prevent crypto from going head-to-head with fiat. As crypto promises decentralization, it’ll snatch away what’s dear to these traditional institutions–power.

It’s a serious threat to the good-old corrupt financial entities that have never really seen the people as a stakeholder.

But technology is acting as a savior of humanity, this time as…

Crypto Gift Cards

In a nutshell, you buy these cards to do everyday things like buying a pizza (from Dominos), booking a ride (from Uber), or logging on to your favorite eCommerce to purchase anything you need.

However, it’s not limited to these, and you have numerous brands, including the biggies like Apple, Amazon, etc., to make decentralized finance a reality.

Additionally, it can be used by yourself or anyone you send it to. Besides, you can purchase international versions of goods and services to avail best deals without caring for a suitable credit card.

Undoubtedly, this is only a start of a phenomenal mechanism where crypto is quietly going mainstream undercutting regulatory authorities.

So crypto isn’t just a (risky) investment anymore. It has started to become what was expected out of it from day one–to act as a CURRENCY.

So without any more ado, let’s jump to see where this all comes into action with these crypto gift cards.

Omega Verified

Omegaverified has a great collection of regions, vendors, and cryptocurrencies to utilize crypto in day-to-day life.

You can either search for a specific vendor or browse through the categories: eCommerce, Entertainment, Travel, Restaurants, etc.

omegaverified supports paying in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, Dogecoin, Dai, Tether, etc. You can also use Binance Pay to avail these gift cards at discounted transaction fees.


Bitpay:In addition to many things crypto, you can bank on Bitpay to make smart use of your crypto investments. Based on the location, it gives you a choice to shop from 250+ stores.

This works differently than the ones we have discussed so far. You can grab these gift cards from the Bitpay mobile application or the browser extensions.

Subsequently, it filters the product available in your location. Still, it’s better to verify the brand’s regional presence and confirm in case of any ambiguity.


eGifter is a similar platform, albeit without a location filter upfront. It primarily works in the USA.

This presents over 300 brands and accepts payments in Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, etc.


Gyft is a USA-exclusive platform having 200 retailers onboard. Similar to the ones we discussed, you get a dashboard to pick from the available brands or start by choosing a category.

However, you don’t get many crypto options as Gyft supports only Bitcoin payments.


So these were some of the services making it easy to use your crypto other than the more technical use cases like staking.

While it seems fascinating to use these computer currencies, ensure to check the conversion rates with some notable crypto exchange platforms.

And if you’re new to this and interested in more than just shopping with crypto, check this crypto lingo in the blog.

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