How To Buy And Sell Bitcoins In Nigeria Instantly.

How Can I Buy Or Sell Bitcoins In Nigeria ?

How to Start a Bitcoin Business in Nigeria | CoinCola Blog

This trading guide will walk you through the process of buying and selling Bitcoins at – the best bitcoin exchange in USA. Globally used by many countries dealing with bitcoins especially Nigeria.How to Buy Bitcoins in Nigeria with your Nigeria bank account( Through transfer or bank deposit)

  1. (1). First you need to contact one of the agents on Omegaverified.Click Here to contact them.
  2. (2). Once you contact them,you will be giving the latest rate.
  3. (3). Once you accept the rate offered by them,you tell them how you do like to pay (online transfer or deposit)
  4. (4). They will give you account details to pay.Once you pay,screenshot it and send it to them along with your bitcoins wallet ID.In 6 minutes you will receive your bitcoins in your wallet immediately. That’s all.Very simple and easy.

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