How To Check Your Nike Gift Card Balance


Nike gift cards are pre-loaded cards with a certain amount of money and can be used to buy trainers, sports kits, and other items on

How to Check Your Nike Gift Card Balance

Nike Gift Card.

You can check your Nike gift card balance by going to the Nike gift card balance page or calling a customer care representative to read your balance.

To Check Your Balance Online

  • Step 1: Sign in to your Nike account
  • Step 2: Input your gift card number
  • Step 3: Enter your PIN
  • Step 4: Your gift card balance will be shown accordingly.

Where You Can Use The Nike Gift Card

Nike Gift card

You can use your Nike gift card online to make purchases on,,, and Nike Apps. You can also shop with Nike gift cards at Converse and Nike retailer stores in Puerto Rico and the US.

Where To Activate The Nike Gift Card

To activate your Nike gift card, create an account on the Nike website. Once that is done, you can input your pin and gift card number on the “My Account” page. After verification, your gift card becomes activated and ready to use.

How To Activate Nike Gift Cards Via Mobile

Nike gift cards usually come with a sticker glued to the gift card. There is a Nike gift card number and pin you’ll use on the sticker to activate your card. All you have to do is dial the number on the gift card and apply the instructions to activate it. You must type the card verification number (CVN) and the card’s account number on your phone to confirm and activate it. The three numbers at the back of the card are the CVN.


If you have friends and family members who are athletes or sports fans or just people who love Nike products, then a Nike gift card is a wonderful gift for them. The Nike gift card gives them the freedom to make the right choices, thus, removing the possible displeasure of doubting the gifts you’re giving them. With Nike gift cards, they can also customize their shoes to suit their style, as the cards are redeemable at

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