How To Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria in 2023 (Step-by-Step Guide)

There is a lot of buzz around gift cards in Nigeria as of late. Asides from being the most convenient method of payment at the designated brand, they are widely used as a means of exchange. Because more people are now owners of this digital asset, they are looking for how to convert gift cards to Naira. And where to sell them.

The Importance of Selling Gift Cards In Nigeria

1. Avoids Breakage: When you don’t sell your gift cards, there is an increased chance of breakage. Gift card breakage occurs when a card goes unused after the expiry date. Because you paid for the gift card without actually using it, the company earns money on it. So When you sell them, you avoid wasting your money.

2. Great Means of Acquiring Cash: These digital assets are one of the quickest methods of getting liquid cash with ease. If you’re ever low on cash, your gift card serves as a perfect outlet.

3. Encourages International Trade: When you know there is an easier means of getting money for a service rendered or goods sold to individuals or companies abroad, you are more encouraged to boost productivity. Because there is a way to overcome bank hassles in Nigeria

  1. Amazon gift cards 
  2. Best Buy Gift Cards
  3. Visa Gift Cards 
  4. Nordstrom Gift Cards
  5. Xbox Gift Cards 
  6. Walmart gift cards 
  7. eBay gift cards 
  8. Target gift cards 
  9. Apple gift cards 
  10. Google play gift cards 
  11. Sephora gift cards 
  12. Razer gold gift cards 
  13. Steam Wallet gift cards 
  14. Foot locker gift cards

Finding The Right Platform To Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria 

There is no doubt that It is possible to sell your gift cards for cash in Nigeria. I was unsure about this until I stumbled upon Omega Verified. I had a gift card I wanted to sell a couple of years ago but didn’t know where to sell it. At that point, there weren’t many gift card exchange platforms out there, and I was also very new to the scene. Unluckily for me, anytime I checked online, all I saw were websites outside Nigeria. These websites wanted to pay me in their currency, and because I was much younger, I did not have a domiciliary account.

I eventually gave up and decided to let the digital asset rot away. 2 years later; I had a friend in the same predicament. Unlike me, he was very persistent and did not have any intentions of slowing down until he found a way to get his cash. He persuaded me to research with him, and we found Omega Verified. The rest is history.

What is Omega Verified ?

Omega Verified is a modern-day gift card exchange platform that allows individuals with unwanted gift cards to sell them for Naira. At the best rates in the country and also at any time of the day. Yes, you can trade 24/7. Although there are other gift card exchange platforms in Nigeria, if you want to get the best value from your digital asset and experience the finest platform.

How To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria – 2023 (Full Guide)

Selling your gift cards on Omega Verified is very straightforward and simple. You need little or no guidance to get it done. But for the sake of further clarity, I would be taking you through the steps with images. 

  1. Open your Omega Verified Application  
  2. Tap the “Trade gift cards” icon 

   3. Pick either the Physical or E-code version

   4. Select your Gift card category. For example, a Google Play gift card.

 5. For “subcategory”, ensure you use the exact type of gift card

6. Type the Amount

7. Include any comments if needed, or add your code 

8. Upload the image(s)then start the trade and wait for your payment, that’s all.

If you don’t have account with them contact their customer service below for help.


By now, you would already be thinking about your juicy payout. Which is relatable. The average duration for a trade to be completed is 5 minutes. However, because there are different types of gift cards, your trade can be processed a bit longer. Be rest assured you will get it no matter what.


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