Macy’s Gift Card is very popular in the world but most prevalent in the USA. It is commonly used to make purchases in Macy’s in-store and Macy’s online store, but then the use of Macy’s Gift Card is not just limited to buying the home accessories, fashion, and beauty products made available in Macy’s stores.

Exceptional to the popular knowledge of what Macy’s Gift Card is used for, you can also sell or trade your Macy’s Gift Card for cash. This may sound strange to you but it’s reality. If you ever thought your Macy’s Gift Card was only valid in the Macy’s Store, then you are wrong.

This article will show you a complete guideline on how to trade your Macy’s Gift Card and get your money wired to your bank account.

How To Buy Macy’s Gift Card Online And Offline

The two major ways of purchasing Macy’s Gift Card are through buying online and buying in-store.

Now, if you want to purchase your Macy’s Gift Card online, you should take these simple steps below;

  1. Visit the STORE HERE
  2. Select the number of gift cards you want to buy
  3. After adding them to the cart, click the cart logo on the page’s upper right corner tview your added products.
  4. Scroll down and click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT
  5. Fill out the form, listing your first and last name, company name(optional), country, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and email address. Make sure that your email address is correct because that’s where the system will send your gift card
  6. After filling your details, scroll down and click PLACE ORDER
  7. The next page will show you where to pay with Bitcoin/Altcoin. Copy the Bitcoin address and go to your BTC wallet to send the exact amount in your order. If you don’t have BTC you can buy from,,, or any other crypto platform

However, it’s also fine if you choose not to buy online but from the retail stores near you. The only difference is that you will need to leave your house and visit the retail store. There are many retail stores where you can get your Macy’s Gift Card such as Walgreens, Kroger, and most especially, the Macy’s Store.

Buy Macy’s Gift Card Offline

Simply visit any retail store near you to make an order, but Macy’s Store is the best.

Select the gift card of your choice and make payment to the cashier over the counter. You may also ask the cashier to. assist you in activating the Macy’s Gift Card.

Sell Macy’s Gift Card For Money

Numerous online platforms are offering the service of converting your Macy’s Gift Card for money but the difference is the quality of service they offer. We offer you the best rate and easy, fast, and secure transactions.


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