Sell Vanilla Gift Card For Vodafone In Ghana.

Sell Vanilla Gift Card For Vodafone In Ghana.

Sell Vanilla Gift Card For Vodafone In Ghana.

Do you have vanilla gift card and wanting to sell them for vodafone, then you have arrived at the right page.There are many reasons why Vanilla gift card is preferred as one of the best gift card for loved ones. However, the most significant reason is its ease of use. Unlike amazon,itunes and walmart gift cards, you can use Vanilla gift card to buy a variety of goods in any site that accept visa or mastercard as payment method. This is another reason the card is preferred to some other gift cards.

Here is the problem, people are finding it difficult to sell Vanilla gift cards in Ghana. It appears to be somewhat complicated. Guess what, it is not as hard as you may think. Not only is it easy to exchange your Vanilla gift cards in Ghana for Vodafone, it can be fast.

Basically, if you are interested in exchanging your Vanilla gift card in Ghana, either for Vodafone, cash, Bitcoins or momo, this article is for you. All you have to do is follow the below instructions on how to sell Vanilla gift card for vodafone in Ghana and other countries around the world.

Three Steps On How To Sell Your Vanilla Gift Cards For Vodafone In Ghana And Other Countries.

Step 1:

The first step to take is to be sure that no one has used your Vanilla gift cards. This step is important if you want to sell Vanilla gift cards in Ghana because of validity. A gift card that has been used is not valid.

Step 2:

Although having an Vanilla gift card receipt is optional, it is always better to keep it. If you don’t have the receipt with you right now, it’s no problem. We still accept Vanilla gift cards without receipt and at same rate with receipt.

Step 4: Once you agree with our rate, send us your Vodafone along with the Vanilla gift card front and back to start the trade.

Step 5: In 5-10 minutes you will be credit instantly and will receive your money immediately.

Also note that we accept other vanilla card currencies such as Canada. So if you don’t have usd but Canada, do not worry we accept it too.

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