How To Sell OneVanilla Gift Card In Nigeria And Ghana



Easily acquire cash Naira/Cedis or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and USDT with your Vanilla gift card on the Omega verified platform.


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Omega verified services and trading process will get you trading happily from day one.

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Whether cash or bitcoin or USDT, the payment will not take more than 5 minutes.


What Does a Vanilla Gift Card Mean ?


Gifts-giving is a sweet way to show loved ones and people in general know that they are appreciated. There is something about getting gifts that doubles the happiness in our hearts and makes the giver feel fulfilled. They create a stronger bond between the giver and the receiver which can sometimes be loved ones or employees. One thing that could make gift-giving less glamorous is if the receiver gets a gift that they have no use for. This could be embarrassing on both sides (memories). This is why gift cards were invented, to allow gifters grant the receivers the opportunity to get exactly what they want for themselves. Due to this payment solution giants, Visa created the Vanilla gift card with Vanilla Gift to make gift-giving what it’s supposed to be.

Vanilla gift cards are prepaid cards used to redeem gift items wherever Visa debit cards are accepted in the USA. Visa debit cards are accepted in almost every store or business in America. What this means is that Vanilla gift cards are valid in those stores too.

Due to the fact that they can be used in almost every store it makes a great gift option to put a smile on people’s faces. This gives the holder access to different stores both on and offline. Note that Vanilla Visa cards’ value ranges from $10-$500 only.

As stated before, Vanilla gift cards can be used anywhere Visa gift cards are accepted in the USA. That covers only offline and online stores, what happens when you have some balance on the card that you can’t use again? The receiver might have done all their redeeming and still have some balance on the card, what do you do? You can trade it for cash or Cryptocurrency on a safe platform like Omega verified. This will be a better option than dropping it on a table in your room to accumulate dust and be forgotten forever. Before you attempt to sell your Vanilla gift card, you need to be sure of how much balance you have left on it. The higher the balance, the higher your cash/crypto returns.

Omega verified offers the best rate for your Onevanilla/Myvanilla gift cards. Click the link below to check out our rates for all subcategories of Vanilla gift cards by simply selecting “Vanilla” as a category of gift card.Check Vanilla Gift Cards Rates 

Convert Vanilla Card To Bitcoin or Cash.

Vanilla gift cards aren’t designed to withdraw cash or buy crypto but Omega verified created a loophole. If you have a Vanilla gift card that has been lying idle you can make it useful for you and turn them into cash instantly. This is especially for people in USA, Nigeria and Ghana as the platform pays in all currencies including Cedis and Naira. Another mind blowing feature the Omega verified platform has is that you can also trade your Vanilla gift voucher for another gift card or Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and USDT and much more.


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