How To Win A Paxful Dispute – Avoiding iTunes,Google Play,Steam And Amazon Gift Card Scam On Paxful.

Did You Just Got Scammed On Paxful,Dont Worry Here We Will Direct You On How To Win The Dispute And Get Your Bitcoins.

Did you just got scammed on paxful.You sent your new gift card to the seller and suddenly he uploaded fake screenshot saying your card is already use,he is definitely a scam.Here we will guild you on how to win the dispute and how to avoid it next time. Since there are a lot of gift card scammers on Paxful platform, paxful disputes are used to settle fights between seller and buyer in case there is a misunderstanding.

Advice: It is better to avoid unnecessary disputes on paxful by trading with a paxful alternative.

What Causes Paxful Disputes?

When a buyer is trying to scam a gift card seller, or when a seller sends a used card and refuse to accept that it is used. The trade will go into disputes and has to be resolved by a moderator.

Or when either buyer or seller refuses to respond in trade.

How Long To Start Dispute on Paxful

When buying bitcoins on paxful, you cannot go into dispute immediately, you have to wait for a minimum of two hours to start dispute. And when you start, it will take several hours for the moderator to intervene in most cases. At times, it takes days. It depends on how complicated the case is.

Verified vendors can start paxful dispute instantly.

Who can Start A Disputed?

Either buyer or seller can start dispute. But buyer can start dispute before seller.

How To Start A Dispute On Paxful?

Click on dispute button once it is active (after 2-3 hours). Provide clear reason on why you are going into dispute. The shorter the better. Click submit button and wait for the moderator to intervene.

How To Win Dispute on Paxful

The moderator will award dispute based on evidence provided. The stronger your evidence the more your chances of winning. For example, If you are selling itunes gift card, you can get the receipt or call apple store to confirm usage time and apple ID that loaded it. All these will give moderator assurance that you know what you are saying.

How To Avoid Paxful Scams And Disputes.

To avoid unnecessary dispute, you can trade your gift card directly to cash,Naira,Cedis or bitcoins by Using

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